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The Kindergarten Principle by Mary J Lyschinska
'The Kindergarten Principle' by Mary J Lyschinska was published in London in 1880 by Wm Isbister Ltd. It contains a section on paper folding in a chapter entitled 'A Few Occupations Explained and Applied'. A full copy can be accessed at https://archive.org/details/kindergartenpri00lyscgoog

There are three lists of paperfolds, 46 in all, only some of which are illustrated. These lists correspond to very simple and single blintz designs, double blintz and windmill base designs, and triple blintz designs.

Group A: Familar Objects

1, The Roof (in which holes are cut to facilitate the addition of chimneys)

2, The Book

3, The Shawl

4, The Handkerchief

5, The Window

6, The Ship in Full Sail

7, The House

8, The Bag

9, The Letter

10, The Smaller Ship in Full Sail (not illustrated)

12, The Smaller Bag (not illustrated)

13, The Smaller Letter (not illustrated)

2nd Stage of Objects

1, The Kite

2, The Bat

3, The Bird (not illustrated)

4, The Tablecloth (not illustrated)

5, The Windmill (not illustrated)

6, The Cigar Case or Spectacle Case

7, The Double Boat

8, The Boat with Sail

9, The Flower Vase (not illustrated)

10, The Boat with a Box for Fish (not illustrated)

11, Purse (not illustrated)

12, Large Box

13, Picture Frame

14, A Firm Box

15, The Looking Glass

16, The Boat (the basic form of the Chinese Junk but lacking the upright ends)

17, The Work Basket with four pockets (the Salt Cellar)

18, The Travelling Bag (not illustrated)

19, The Flower

20, Another Flower (not illustrated)

21, The Chemisette (not illustrated)

3rd Stage of Objects

1, Scent Bottle

2, Pair of Boots

3, Cross

4, Hat (the Cross folded in half)

5, Jacket (the Jacket from the Suit of Clothes)

6, Knickerbockers (the Jacket folded in half)

7, Box

8, A Box with Lid (which looks very like the Catherine of Cleves Box)

9, Sandglass (not illustrated)

10, Picture Frame (not illustrated)

11, Looking Glass (not illustrated)

12, Boat (the Chinese Junk)