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The Kindergarten by Dr Adolf Douai, 1871

'The Kindergarten' by Dr Adolf Douai was published by E Steiger in New York in 1871. There is no chapter on paperfolding but paperfolding is mentioned a few times in the chapter on 'The Play of Drawing according to Froebel's System' which is an exemplar of the way in which Frobel's occupations (or 'plays' here) should be used in the kindergarten. None of these mentions of paperfolding are particularly noteworthy.

The book also contains E Steiger's catalogue of kindergarten books and equipment, which offers materials appropriate to each of 20 gifts, which are described, but not named. This is the earliest book that I know of to contain this catalogue and is therefore of some historical interest.

The material offered for use in the occupation of paper folding per se is squares of ordinary white paper:

A full copy of the work can be found online here.