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The Downside Review, 1889

'The Downside Review, Volume VIII' comprises volumes for January, July and November 1989. It contains references to the Paper Dart / Darts with Paper Flights and (probably) the Waterbomb. Downside is the location of the College of St Gregory, a school run by the Benedictine Order, in England.

A full copy of the work can be accessed online here.



Paper Darts and Darts with Paper Flights

This section describes Paper Darts and darts made from pen handles with paper flights. It is not clear if the 'two slips of paper, fixed at the other end at right angles to one another', which form the flights, are folded or not.


The Waterbomb (probably)

This section describes keeping cock-chafers inside 'paper houses or cages, from two to four inches square ... with a trap door at the top for observations' which, it seems to me, is a good description of the waterbomb.