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The Boy's Own Toymaker by E Landells
'The Boy's Own Toymaker' by Ebenezer Landells was published in 1859 by Shephard, Clark and Brown in Boston and Griffin and Farran in London.

It contains, among other things, chapters on Paper Toys, Cardboard Toys and Practical Puzzles.

The chapter on Paper Toys is mostly concerned with paperfolding and explains how to make:

The Paper Boat

The Pyramidical Hat

The Paper Box (the Catherine of Cleves Box)

The Fire Balloon (made by pasting a number of curved gores together)

The Parachute and a variant the Arrow Parachute

The chapter on Practical Puzzles contains, inter alia:

The Cardboard Puzzle (How to Climb Through a Playing Card)

(The drawing for the solution is missing from this image.)

Cutting out a Cross (the Fold and Cut Cross)