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The Boy's Own Book by William Clarke, 2nd Edition, 1929

The second edition of 'The Boy's Own Book' by William Clarke was published by Vizetelly, Branston and Company in London in 1929. According to the 'Prelude', the first edition of three thousand copies sold out in 'little more than two months'. The second edition was said to contain 'many alterations and improvements' and 'many new engravings of superior design and execution'.

The second edition contains all the paperfolding material included in the first with the exception of 'The Counter Changed' (ie The Fold and Switch Effect), which is omitted.

There is an additional picture showing the 'dripping pan' used as a container for silkworms and the additional information that the paper trays are 'sewed or pasted together at the corners', which did not appear in the first edition.

'Another Anamorphosis' is retitled 'The Distorted Landscape'.

'Sudden Metamorphosis' (ie The Buddha Papers) is retitled 'The Counter Changed'.

The information about Troublewit is the same but the picture showing the youmg blind man demonstrating it is missing from the online copy (see below). It was, however, clearly intended to be present since there is space for it on the first page of the section and the picture is then referred to on the second.

A copy of the work, said to be the 1929 second edition, although missing the title page and some illustrations, can be accessed online here.