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Teaching the Sick: A Manual of Occupational Therapy and Reeducation by George Edward Barton, 1919
'Teaching the Sick: A Manual of Occupational Therapy and Reeducation' by George Edward Barton, was published by W B Saunders Company in Philadelphia and London in 1919.

This book contains a short section on the use of paperfolding in what has become known as Occupational Therapy, however, the author believes that paperfolding is of use asa therapy only in the very early stages of recovery.

A full copy of the work can be found here.



Only two recreational paperfolding designs are explained / mentioned but paperfolding is also used to establish lines along which paper can be cut to create dissections.

The Kaiser's Ticket to Heaven - The Fold and Cut Latin Cross

No illustration of the finished design is given, only of the folding and cutting method.

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An unidentified paper plane

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