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Minor Sources Searched
Where a minor source is listed here it means that I have looked at the illustrations in an online copy and, where the format allows, searched that copy for any references to the words paper, fold, folded or folding it contains. References found that relate to paper folding, other than the simple folding of a sheet of paper or a letter etc without any further interesting detail, have been saved and will be noted in the relevant design or theme pages as time allows.


1584 'The Discoverie of Witchcraft' by Reginald Scott, from an 1886 reprint of the 1584 original.

1639 'The mirrour which flatters not' by Jean-Puget de la Serre.

1654 'Physiologia Epicuro-Gassendo-Charltonia' by Walter Charleton.

1658 'Natural Magick' in 20 books by John Baptista Porta, an English translation of the original work in Latin which was published in Naples in 1559. This itself was extended from the original publication in 1558 in just 4 books. I have not been able to access the 1559 Latin version to check that those items relating to paper folding in the English translation are in the original.

1661 'Humane Industry' by Thomas Powell.

1801 'Sports and Pastimes of the People of England' by Joseph Strutt.

1858 'A Practical Guide to the English Kinder Garten' by Joh and Bertha Ronge. https://archive.org/details/practicalguideto00rong/page/n1. Contains short sections on Paper Weaving, Paper Folding and Paper Cutting - but contains nothing of particular interest.


Godey's Lady's Book (published monthly in USA 1830 to 1878)

1830 - Vol 1 https://archive.org/details/GodeysTheLadySBook1830

1831 - Vol 2 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=njp.32101064241902&view=2up&seq=1

1831 - Vol 3 https://archive.org/details/GodeysLadySBook1831Volume3

1832 - Vol 4-5 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=njp.32101064241886&view=2up&seq=1

1833 - Vol 6-7 https://archive.org/details/GodeysTheLadySBookVol671833

1834 - Vol 8-9 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=njp.32101064241852&view=2up&seq=1

1835 - Vol 10-11 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=njp.32101064242074&view=2up&seq=1

1836 - Vol 12-13 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=njp.32101064242066&view=2up&seq=1

1837 - Vol 14-15 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=njp.32101064242058&view=2up&seq=1

1838 - Vol 16-17 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=njp.32101064242041&view=2up&seq=1

1839 - Vol 18-19 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=umn.31951d003220206&view=2up&seq=1

1840 - Vol 20-21 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=umn.31951d003220206&view=2up&seq=1

1841 - Vol 12 https://archive.org/details/godeysladysbook22phil

1841 - Vol 13 https://archive.org/details/godeysladysbook23phil

1861 - Jan to Dec https://archive.org/stream/godeysladysbook100hale#mode/2up