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Paperfolding as a Means of Teaching Sewing Techniques

This page is being used to collect information about the history of paperfolding as a means of teaching sewing techniques. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.



'The Prang Primary Course in Art Education: Part 2: The Second Primary Year' by Mary Dana Hicks and Josephine C Locke, which was published by The Prang Educational Company in Boston in 1893, contains sections about Bias Bands, Folding Overseams and Creating Tucks.

Cutting Bias Bands


Folding Overseams


Creating Tucks



Papefolding is used as a way of demonstrating how a hem is made in 'Art Instruction in Primary Schools: Second Year' by Mary Dana Hicks, which was published by The Prang Educational Company Boston, New York and Chicago in 1899.