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Pour Amuser Les Petits by Tom Tit
'Pour Amuser Les Petits' by Tom Tit was published in Paris in 1894 by E Plon, Nourrit et Cie. A full copy of the work can be viewed at

The book contains chapters on how to make toys and amusements for children from, among other things, corks, oranges, nuts, playing cards and cartes de visite.

Those items which are of particular interest to the paperfolding historian are illustrated below.

This page shows toys that can be made from playing cards. At the top is the Playing Card Cube and below it a Lidded Box made by first putting two cards together to create one side of the box and then linking them togerther with simple joining pieces.

The figure in the bottom left corner is the Monk.

The section on Cartes de Visites contains this simple pure origami design for a pencil holder (which is also included in Tom Tit's later book Joujoux En Papier).