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Papirolas - Volume 1 by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, 1938

'Papirolas - Volume 1' by Vicente Solorzano Sagredo was published by Libreria de la Salud in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1938. It was republished in 1943 by Libreria Santaren in Vallidolid, Spain. The information on this page is taken from the 1943 printing. However, I believe the main content of the work is identical in the 1938 and 1943 versions. My grateful thanks to Juan Gimeno for letting me see the 1943 copy of this work.




The work consists of:

A Prologue: Although this Prologue is not attributed it appears to have been written by Carlos Alberti Neumann.

A transcription of the text of an article in La Prensa of 17th January 1937, also written by Carlos Alberti Neumann.

Part 1: Introduccion al conocimiento de la papiroflexia y papirologia (Introduction to the knowledge of papiroflexia y papirologia)

Part 2: Papiroflexia y papirologia

Part 3: Papirolas realizadas con papel doblado (Paperfolds made with folded paper): This section contains annotated diagrams and instructions showing how to make a number of 'traditional' paperfolds. Details can be found in the Analysis below.

Indice de neologisms (Index of neologisms)

Indice general de la obra (General index of the work): By the 'work' here is meant the whole work which was originally planned to be published in ten volumes. Only the first three were in fact published. However, the scheme, and particularly the photographs within the scheme, are useful in identifying some of the designs which Solorzano had created at this time but which are explained in more detail in later publications. Details can be found in the Analysis below.



Designs explained in Part 3


Designs pictured or mentioned in the Indice General


The Work