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Our Little Kings and Queens at Home and at School by Lida Brooks Miller, 1891
'Our Little Kings and Queens at Home and at School' by Lida Brooks Miller was published by Louis Benham and Co in Chicago and Philadelphia in 1891. It is copyright Charls S Sutphen 1891.

This book is fundamentally a volume of kindergarten songs and poems but also contains a section entitled 'The Kindergarten' which introduces the twenty kindergarten gifts and occupations..

The contents of this section are essentially the same as those of a similar section in 'Royal Gifts for the Kindergarten' by Frances Post Van Norstrand and Alice H Putnam, which had been published by the Standard Publishing Company in Chicago in 1889, except that the present volume contains several illustrations which were not in 'Royal Gifts'. The extra illustrations are not referred to in the text.

All the illustrations are, as the publishers acknowledge in their Preface, taken from Edward Wiebe's 'Paradise of Childhood'.

Since there is nothing new in the work it is not necessary to reproduce or analyse it here.

A full copy of the work can be accessed here.