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Old Glory: The Flag of Our Country by Dr Albert Elias Maltby, 1897 Edition

'Old Glory: The Flag of our Country: A Supplementary Reader containing Practical Lessons in Patriotism for use in Public or Private Schools' by Albert Elias Maltby was self-published by the author in Slippery Rock, Pensylvania in 1897. It is a revised version of 'Old Glory: The Flag of Our Country: A Study in History and a Lesson in Paperfolding: Also Some Easy Lessons in Cutting and Folding' which was published in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania in 1894.

A full copy of this revised second edition can be accessed online here.

This page records the main differences between the second and first editions that relate to paperfolding. The second edition also contains a good deal of 'patriotic' material not related to paperfolding that does not appear in the first.




The 1897 second edition has a much more organised layout than the first edition. It does not contain the diagrams for the Japanese Turtle which appeared in the first. Much of the material relating to cut and one fold polygons and other designs derived from them has also been removed.


The Fold and One Cut Pentagram

The material in the history of the Emerican flag relating to this design is the same as in the original edition:


Folds of Beauty

The information relating to Folds of Beauty is now much more clearly related to the making of a paperfolded model of the American Flag than it was in the original edition.


Folds of Life

The idea that representations of various military badges can be made by the fold and one cut method is retained but detailed instructions are no longer included and the designs are no longer referred to as Forms of Life.