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Yoshizawa's Butterfly
This page is being used to collect information about the history of Yoshizawa's Butterfly. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.



Issue 5 of 'The Origamian', which was published in March 1959, refers to a display made of many foldings of 'Mr. Yoshizawa's butterfly'.


Yoshizawa's Butterfly appears in 'Fun-time Paper Folding' by Elinor Tripato Massoglio, which was published by Childrens Press in Chicago in 1959.



The design also appears as 'The Butterfly' in 'Party Lines' by Robert Harbin, which was published by the Olbourne Book Co in London in 1963.



The 1964 Rupert Annual contains instructions for making Yoshizawa's Butterfly under the title 'A Paper Butterfly'. Akira Yoshizawa's authorship of the design is acknowledged.



A drawing of Yoshizawa's butterfly appeared in Vol 7: Issue 3 of 'The Origamian' for Autumn 1967.