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Paper Bats
This page attempts to record what is known about the origin and history of paper bats. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.



A design called the Bat occurs in 'The Kindergarten Principle' by Mary J Lyschinska, which was published in London in 1880 by Wm Isbister Ltd.



A second Bat, which appears to have little connection to the first in terms of its design, appears in part two of 'The Kindergarten Guide' by Maria Kraus Boelte and John Kraus, which was probably first published in 1882 by E. Steiger and Company in New York.



Another bat design appears in 'Xu Zhe zhi tu shuo' (More Illustrated Paperfolding) by Yongxiang Shi, which was published by the Commercial Press in Shanghai in 1917.



A third bat design appears in 'Ciencia Recreativa' by Jose Estralella, which was published by Gustavo Gili in Barcelona in 1918. No illustration of the finished design is given.



The extended version of 'El Mundo de Papel' by Dr Nemesio Montero, which was published by G Miranda in Edicions Infancia in Valladolid in 1951, contains a design for 'El Murcielago' (The Bat).



'Paper Magic' by Robert Harbin, which was published by Oldbourne in London in 1956 contains diagrams for Harbin's Bat.



There is a design for a simple cut 'Bat' in 'Origami in the Classroom: Book 1: Activities for autumn through Christmas' by Chiyo Araki, which was published by Charles E Tuttle Co Inc in 1965.