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This page is beding used to collect information about the history of kangaroos made from folded paper. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.



Diagrams for a kangaroo appeared in 1893 in volume 5 issue 13 of Shokokumin children's magazine. The tail of the kangaroo is made from a separate piece of paper.



The earliest design for a kangaroo that I know of appears in 'Paper Toy Making' by Margaret Campbell, which was first published by Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd in London, probably in 1937, although both the Foreword and Preface are dated 1936, which argues that the book was complete at that date.



'Paper Magic' by Robert Harbin, which was published by Oldbourne in London in 1956 contains diagrams for Harbin's Kangaroo.



'How to Make Origami' by Isao Honda, which was published by Toto Shuppan Co. Ltd in Japan. by McDowell Obolensky of New York in the USA and by Museum Press Ltd of London in England, in 1959, contains diagrams for a compound Kangaroo, in two parts, glued together



The 1963 Rupert Annual contained instructions for folding 'A Paper Kangaroo'.