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Nordisk Husflidstidende, 1871

'Nordisk Husflidstidende' was published in Denmark, probably in Copenhagen, in 1871. I do not know if it is a book or a periodical.

This source is mentioned at Jul i gamle hus | - nettstedet for deg som er glad i gamle hus! which contains an image of a Christmas Tree, the caption to which reads: 'Christmas tree decorated according to description and models from Nordisk Husflidstidende in 1871. There are wicker baskets, lilies of paper, gilded eggs and walnuts, mouse stairs, lanterns and a pixie with movable arms and legs at the top of the tree.' The phrase 'wicker baskets' may refer to Woven Hearts, of which there are several on the tree.

I have not been able to obtain a copy of this source in order to verify this information.