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Neues Spielbuch fur Madchen by Jeanne Marie von Ganette-Georgens, 1887
'Neues Spielbuch fur Madchen, by Jeanne Marie von Ganette-Georgens was published in Berlin in 1887.

A full copy of the work can be accessed here.




Fragelbrief mit Antwort (Question Letter with Answers)

A blintzed square of paper is used in this game to conceal questions written underneath the flaps.


Das Billet in Dreiedlform - The Triangular Letter Fold

The game is to write a note on a rectangular sheet of paper and fold it as shown by the lines in the drawing, which will seal it, then throw it into a 'post bag'. The notes are then taken out and addressed, put back into the bag, then taken out again and the addresses and contents read out loud. (Information from Edwin Corrie). Presumably to much hilarity.


Zwei Rings aus einem machen (Make two rings out of one) - The Afghan Bands