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My Origami: Birds / Flowers / Animals and Fishes, 1964

This was a series of 3 books titled 'My Origami:Birds', 'My Origami: Flowers' and 'My Origami: Animals and Fishes' produced by Zokeisha Publications and published by Crown Publishers Inc, in New York in 1964. Each book also included paper to fold.

I have not seen a copy of these books.

'My Origami:Birds' included diagrams for Crane; Nightingale; Duck; Chicken; Wild goose; Canary; Swan; Parrot; and Owl.

'My Origami: Flowers' included diagrams for Clematis; Hydrangea; Camellia; Water Lily; Rose; Cactus Flower; Iris; Gladiolus; Lily; Wild Pink; and Calla Lily

'My Origami: Animals and Fishes' included diagrams for a Pig; Mouse; Rabbit; Frog; Turtle; Whale; Fish; Goldfish; and Tropical Fish.