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Manual Teorico-Practico de Educacion Parvulos by D Pedro de Alcantara Garcia, 1879
'Manual Teorico-Practico de Educacion Parvulos' by D Pedro de Alcantara Garcia was published in Madrid by the Imprenta del Colegio Nacional de Sordo-mudos y de Ciegos in 1879. It was the winner of a competition for 'a theoretical - practical treatise on teaching pre-school children according to the kindergarten system, known by the name of Froebel' set up by a decree issued by the Ministry of Development on 31st March 1876 (in fact it was the only entry to meet the requirements of the rules).

A full copy of the work can be accessed online here.

Inter alia there are chapters devoted to the Froebelian occupations of Braiding and Interlacing, Paper Folding and Cutting Out and Mounting. Only the illustrations to these chapters are reproduced here.



El Trenzado o Entrelazado - Braiding and Interlacing


El Plegado - Paper Folding

The chapter devoted to paper folding is short on illustrations. However, on page 210 it says ... roughly ... 'Only when students have exercised for some time in this kind of work and it is known that they are somewhat skilled ... are they allowed to invent forms. Starting from the salt-cellar, and by simply modifying and increasing the folds ... figures can be made that mimic a star, a pajarita, a little boat without sails, another with them, a pair of pants, a flask, a double ship, a table, a windmill, a closed box, a wallet for coins and others that, because they are well known, we don't need to mention. Plate 24 shows some of the forms that can be made with the square of paper: these forms give, in general, an idea of how to fold the square to obtain some of the aforementioned forms, and by themselves they constitute artistic forms based on the geometric ones.'


Cutting Out and Mounting