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Manual completo de juegos de sociedad by Mariano de Rementería y Fica, 1831
'Manual completo de juegos de sociedad o tertulia y la prendas', translated by Frances for D. Mariano de Rementería y Fica, was published by Palacios in Madrid in 1831, and contains 254 pages of material.

The information below is drawn from the 2nd Edition, which was published by Don Roberto Llorenci in Madrid in 1839, and contains 272 pages of material. The introductory note from the translator states, roughly, that 'This collection has been formed from the treatise, which, with the title it bears, was published in French by Madame Celnart, adding other games taken from another work entitled 'Le savant de societé'.

Since all the material about paperfolding in this 2nd edition is also in Celnart, I have assumed it is also in the 1931 1st Edition.

(The other work referred to, 'Le savant de societé', first published in 1802 under this title, then as 'Le savant de societé ou petite encyclopedie des jeux familiers' by Pierre Joseph Charrin, from 1816 on, does not appear to contain any material relating to paperfolding which is not also found in Celnart. The first part of the 1824 4th Edition of this work can be found at and the second part at

A full copy of the 2nd Edition of 'Manual completo de juegos de sociedad o tertulia y la prendas' can be found online at

Not all the material on paperfolding found in Celnart is included in this book. However, it does contain:


Labores de naipes (Playing Cards) / Fold and Cut Card Designs

Capuchinos / The Playing Card Monk


Cajas de naipe/ The Playing Card Cube


This section also contains instructions for making other objects using cardboard modelling / cartonnage fold and cut techniques: Sillones (Armchairs) / Cestillas (Baskets) / Cantaritos (Buckets) / Sillas (Chairs) / Casitas (Small House) / Cadena (Chain)


El Papelito / Le Petit papier


Write and Fold Games

La Historia en verso /