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Les Bon Jeudis by Tom Tit
Les Bon Jeudis by Tom Tit was published in Paris in 1905 by Librairie Vuibert. A full copy of the work can be viewed at https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k9657865x/f11.image.texteImage

The book contains chapters on how to make toys and amusements for children from, among other things, playing cards, matchboxes, raffia and feathers and also contains sections about games and puzzles ujsing other everyday objects.

Those items which are of particular interest to the paperfolding historian are illustrated below.

The first three sections of the book show how to make the Playing Card Cube and then how to link them together by means of their external tabs to create buildings and trains.


Les Bandes de Papier (The Afgan Bands)


The Parachute


The Three Crosses (fold and cut effect)


The Altar (fold and cut effect)


And finally the book also includes a simple puzzle where three decorated squares must be arranged to form the outline of the Cocotte or Pajarita.