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Le maître et la maîtresse de maison by Mme Louise d'Alq, 1887
'Le maître et la maîtresse de maison' by Mme Louise d'Alq was published by bureaux des 'Causeries familières' in Paris) in 1887. It contains a section about serviette folding.

There is evidence that there were earlier editions, dating back at least as far as 1881, but I have not managed to access any of these, and so do not know if they also contain the section on seviette folding, and if so, whether the section is identical to the 1887 edition or not. The 1887 edition says it is a 'Nouvelle édition corrigée et illustrée', but several of the earlier editions say the same.

A full copy of the 1887 edition can be found here.




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