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Le Livre de la Femme D'Intérieur par Oscar-Edmond Ris-Paquot, 1891
'Le Livre de la Femme D'Intérieur: table, couture, ménage, hygiène' by Oscar-Edmond Ris-Paquot was published by Henri Laurens in Paris in 1891. It contains a brief paragraph mentioning serviette folding and a number of connected illustrations of serviette folds. No folding instructions are given.

Roughly translated this says: 'For lunch, it is admissable to allow the greatest fantasy in the embellishment of the linen, which can be embroidered in different colors, and serviettes folded in a crowd of ways (fig. 96 to 104) to give the table the most pleasant and coquettish appearance.'

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