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La Science Pratique by Gaston Tissandier, 1889
'La Science Pratique' by Gaston Tissandier was published by G Masson in Paris in 1889. It contains a brief section on 'Le Travail Du Papier'. Some of the items are annotated with names, presumably the names of people who drew these items to the author's attention.

A full copy of the work can be accessed at

It contains:

Boite en papier - The Catherine of Cleve Box


Autre boite en papier - The Patisserie Box

The text notes that this box is 'employe par les confiseurs' (used by confectioners)


Confection d'un soufflet en papier - The Bellows


Un ballon en papier - The Waterbomb

The text suggests making this design from thin tracing paper and filling it with hydrogen to see it rise slowly.


Ballon fait sans rognure avec un carre de papier ou d'etoffe (Balloon made without offcuts from a sheet of paper or cloth) - The Cartonnage Silveroctahedron

According to the text 'The result is an eight sided polyhedron', each side being a 'right isosceles triangle'.

This design, which is, I believe, otherwise unknown, is annotated with the name Ch. Delon of Paris.


Boite en papier pour servir des fruits a la campagne (Paper box for serving country fruits) - The Junk Box

The diagrams show the blintzed Windmill Base version of the Double Boat as an intermediate step.