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The Paperfolding of Kunihiko Kasahara

On 22nd September, 2005 David Lister wrote an extensive article on the life and paperfolding of Kunihiko Kasahara which can be found here. The information marked (1) on this page is sourced from that article.



Kunihiko Kasahara was born in July, 1941 in the town of Okaya, at the centre of Honshu, the largest of the Japanese Islands. (1)



According to David Lister (1) 'When he was aged 15, Kasahara came across a book by Yoshizawa and he was able to borrow a copy from a friend. According to the date it must have been “Atarashii Origami Geijjutsu” (“New Origami Art”), a book of quite simple folds that was published in 1954.'



According to David Lister (1) 'Then he found a book by Kosho Uchiyama.which was probably “Origami Zukan”, published in 1958.'David Lister also says that Kasahara's main influences were Yoshizawa and Kosho Uchiyama, he 'attended classes given by Yoshizawa and before long he was beginning to create his own models. However, Yoshizawa had suffered the unfortunate experience that other folders were copying his models and passing them off as their own so that when Kasahara decided to arrange an exhibition of his own models Yoshizawa made it clear that he opposed Kasahara’s branching out on his own. Kosho Uchiyama was a Buddhist priest who lived in a temple Kyoto, but Kasahara managed to meet him when he visited Tokyo. From him Uchiyama Kasahara received a more encouraging response. Uchiyama, told him that he thought his models were brilliant and urged him to continue.'



According to David Lister (1) 'in June, 1963 he was able to hold his first exhibition at a gallery at Hibiya Park in Tokyo.'



Vol 4: Issue 2 of 'The Origamian' for Summer 1964 contains an article titled 'At Long Last: Japanese Paperfolders Establish Contact With the Origami Center' which invited American paperfolders to correspond with Kasahara among others:



Publication of Kasahara's first book 'Haha to ko no origami no hon' (Origami for Mother's and Children).



Publication of 'Omoide No Origami' (Origami in Sweet Memory).

Publication of 'Origami O Tanoshimu Hon' (Origami to Please Everybody). (This is possibly the book that David Lister (1) refers to as 'Let’s Enjoy Origami from ABC to Creative Works'.)

David Lister (1) says 'In May, 1966, Kasahara held another exhibition at the Mitsubishi Electric Gallery in the Ginza district of central Tokyo.'



In May 1967 Kasahara helped to establish the Sosaku Origami Group '67.

Publication of 'Creative Origami' (by Japan Publications, in English).


Vol 7: Issue 3 of 'The Origamian' for Autumn 1967 contained an article by Toshie Takahama entitled 'Origami in Japan Today' in which Kasahara is mentioned.



Information about Kasahara in 'Atarashi Origami Nyumon' states that he was currently a member of the steering committee of the Japan Origami Creator's Association.