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Joujoux En Papier by Tom Tit
Joujoux En Papier by Tom Tit was published in Paris by Paul Lechevalier in 1924. Almost all the projects in the book involve folding paper but many of them after much cutting has taken place.Those projects which are of particular interest to the paperfolding historian are listed / illustrated below.

A full copy of the work can be viewed at http://zorigami.free.fr/Tom_Tit/Joujoux%20en%20Papier%20-%20Tom_Tit.pdf

L'Etoile A Devider - a two part modular Star of David folded from equilateral triangles.

Bonbonierre Pliante - A lidded box made in three pieces using cuts.

Le Cri Du Veaux - the paper whistle.

Les Anneaux Mysterieux - The Afghan Bands

Rosaces Decorative - Windmill base decorations

La Main Sanglante - A hand whose fingers curl when placed in water.

Pencil Stand - a pure origami fold from a carte de visite

Le Gobelet de Voyage - the Paper Cup

Le Papier Du Pere Mathieu - Troublewit

La Marmite - the Kettle

Des Bonhommes - The Suit of Clothes

La Peniche - a paper boat from a rectangle - not the traditional design.