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Het Grote Vouwboek (Second Edition) by Aart van Breda, 1963
This revised and enlarged second edition of 'Het Grote Vouwboek' by Aart van Breda was published by Uitgeverij van Breda in 1963. According to Joan Sallas, who also owns a copy of the original 1955 book, only 23 of the original designs from the first edition survive in the second.

The book does not give the origin of any of the designs. A good number of the designs seem to be new and are thus possibly the inventions of the author.

I have not seen a copy of this work in the original Dutch.

An English translation titled 'Paper Folding and Modelling' was published in 1965.

A German translation titled 'Kempers Grosses Papierfaltbuch. Falten und gestalten' was published in 1965.

A Spanish translation 'Origami: el arte del papel plegado' was published in 1972.