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Hank Panky by W H Cremer
'Hanky Panky', a book of magical effects, puzzles, recreational mathematics and other amusements, by W H Cremer, Jun, was published by John Camden Hotten in London in 1872. It contains a number of effects which are of interest to the paperfolding historian.

To Reduce a Shilling to a Sixpence (The Buddha Papers)

The Playing Card Cube

To Cut Out a Cross (The Fold and One Cut Latin Cross)

To Make an Anti-Macassar (The Fold and Cut Paper Doily)

Salamander Paper (The Paper Furnace)

(The same effect also occurs in Cremer's earlier work 'The Secret Out' which was first published, I believe, in the USA by Dick and Fitzgerald in 1859.)


The Magic Pocket Book (The Chinese Wallet)