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Giuochi Fanciulleschi Siciliani by Giuseppe Pitri, 1883
'Giuochi Fanciulleschi Siciliani' by Giuseppe Pitri was published by Luigi Pedone Lauriel in Palermo in 1883. It contains a list of some well known paperfolds, and a few illustrations, in a chapter about card games, right at the end of the book.

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Here is the list:

Designs 1 to 5 can be identified as the Cocotte / Pajarita, the Chinese Junk, the Paper Dart, the Waterbomb and the Portfolio because they are pictured in plate IV below.

The others are:

6. Lu Bottu (Scattiolu in Riesi): In Riesi, this design is called Scattiolu. Triangular in shape, with which noises are made.

7. Lu Specchio, lo specchio: The Mirror

8. The Casciuneddu, il cassetto: The drawer

9. La Carruzzedda, la carrozzella: A small carriage.

10. La Naveta, la spola: The Shuttle

11. Lu Cappidduzzu, il capellino:The Little Cap

In addition Plate I contains a drawing of the Cut and Fold Windmill.