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Gesammelte Pädagogische Schriften (Volume 2) by Wichard Lange, 1874
Volume 2 of 'Gesammelte pädagogische Schriften' (Collected Educational Writings), edited by Wichard Lange and published by Enslin in Berlin in 1874, is an anthology of Froebel's writings.

Pages 371–388 contain a section titled 'Anleitung zum Papierfalten. Ein Bruchstück. Eine entwickelnd-erziehende und unterhaltend-belehrende Kinderbeschäftigung für Kinder von 5 bis 7 Jahren und darüber, unter eingehender Mitwirkung von leitenden Erwachsenen' which Friedman (see below) translates as 'Instructions for Paper Folding: A Fragment. A Developing-Educating and Entertaining-Instructing Children’s Activity for Children from Five to Seven Years and Over, with the Extensive Participation of Adults'.

In his article 'Falling into Disuse: the rise and fall of Froebelian mathematical folding within British kindergartens' (See full article) Michael Freidman dates this fragment to 1850.

In this fragment, Froebel first describes how to create a square from any irregular sheet of paper then how to fold and cut four squares from a single rectangular sheet of machine made paper. He then describes a number of simple folds that can be made in the square and the mathematical properties that they demonstrate.

An English translation of this fragment can be found in 'Friedrich Froebel's Education by Development: The Second Part of the Pedagogics of the Kindergarten' translated by Josephine Jarvis, which was published by D Appleton and Company in New York in 1899.