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The Paperfolding of Frieda Lourie



Issue 1 of the Origamian, published in October 1958, states that Frieda Lourie gave a report on her recent overseas trip: 'She touched on the highlights of her travels: her lectures to the C. T. Dept. of several London hospitals, her attendance at the C.T. Conference in Denmark, the Brussels Fair, Holland, Viena, etc. She stressed the universiality of Origami and how it transcends language barriers, for a box is a box, a bird is a bird, in any tongue.'



Issue 5 of 'The Origamian' published in March 1959 mentions an article by Sidney Field in his 'Only Human' column in the N Y Mirror. John Smith's 'A Bibliography of Origami in Education and Therapy' gives the details of this as: 'She brings Origami into the fold', New York Mirror. February 5th 1959. An article on Lillian Oppenheimer which mentions the work of Mrs. Frieda Lourie, a therapist who made use of Origami. (I have not been able to find a copy of this article.)

This issue also contains details of some of Frieda Lourie's activities promoting origami: