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The Paperfolding of Florence Temko


Florence Temko was born Florence Maria Marx, in London, the daughter of Erich and Erna Marx. She studied at Wycombe Abbey, St. George's Business College and the London School of Economics, but her education was interrupted by World War II. She met US Army Sergeant Leonard Temko, and they married in 1945. In 1946, they settled in New Jersey and had three children. They divorced in 1968, and she married her second husband Henry Petzel in 1969. In 1982, they moved to San Diego, and divorced in the late 1990s. She died on November 12, 2009 at her home in La Jolla, California. (Information from Wikipedia)

There is a long article about Florence Temko by David Lister here.




'The Origamian' Vol 2: Issue 2 of Autumn 1961 contains an exposition by Florence Temko of some of Jack Skillman's ideas about the categorisation / classification of paperfolds.



'The Best of Origami' by Samuel Randlett, which was published by E P Dutton in New York in 1963 and by Faber and Faber Ltd in London in 1964, contained the following biographical details:

And diagrams for a number of her original designs:



Matador's Hat



'Secrets of Origami', by Robert Harbin, which was published by Oldbourne Book Company in London in 1964, contained diagrams for three of her designs:

Stocking Case (said to be an adaptation of a popular fold)


(Method for folding) The Swan


Three-Petalled Flower



Vol 5: Issue 1 of 'The Origamian' for Spring 1965 carried a profile of Florence Temko - author not stated - and diagrams for two of her own designs:






'The Origamian' Vol 6: Issue 1 of Spring 1966 contains diagrams for a Bowl (from a square) by Florence Temko.



Florence Temko's 'Valentine Box' (Cut) appeared in Issue 3 of the Flapping Bird.: