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Enseignement du Travail Manuel a L'Ecole Primaire by Emile Faivre, 1887
'Enseignement du Travail Manuel a L'Ecole Primaire' by Emile Faivre was published by Librairie Hachette in Paris, 1887.

This book only contains very brief mentions of paper folding. The relevent pages are given below.

The introduction recommends 'pliage' as an activity for the 'cours elementaires' and Exercise 1 includes mention of 'un bonnet d'eveque', 'un coq' and 'un bateau' (presumably the Paper Boat).

There are no illustrations for these designs and any identifications are therefore tentative, but 'un coq' is most probably the Cocotte / Pajarita and 'un bateau' the paper boat.