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Paperfolding in Caras y Caretas (Buenos Aires edition)
This page records articles and pictures etc relating to paperfolding which have been published in the Buenos Aires edition of Caras y Caretas magazine over the years. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.


Issue 166 - 7th December 1901

This issue 1 included a puzzle to cut a rectangle into pieces that when rearranged would form a Cocotte / Pajarita.


Issue 167 - 14th December 1901

This issue included the solution to the puzzle set in the prevous issue.


Issue 178 - 1st March 1902

In response to the misproportioned drawing of the Cocotte / Pajarita in issue 167, Don Miguel Unamuno wrote a letter to the Editor which was published in this issue under the title of 'Por una Pajarita'


Issue 252 - Ist August 1903

Issue 252 of the Buenos Aires edition of 'Caras y Caretas', published on 1st August 1903, contained instructions showing how to flatten a mobius strip to form a regular hexagon, an effect which had originally been published in 'La Science Amusante'.


Issue 238 - 25th March 1905

The text refers to the Flapping Bird as 'la pajarita' but distinguishes it from the better known Cocotte / Pajarita designswhich it calls the 'gallito de papel'. 'El sapo' is the Blow-up Frog, the 'escalera' is the Newspaper Ladder.


The top right photo (see enlargement below) shows the Catherine of Cleves Box (caja cerrada /closed box) and the Paper Boat (botecito - though the caption is plural?). The other two designs are presumably the 'caja abierta' / open box - although this is singular. The box to the right looks very like the Magazine Cover Box. I cannot identitfy the design in the centre although it looks somewhat like a squashed, square version of the design to the right. None of these designs are mentioned in the text.


Issue 487 - 1st February 1908


Issue 521- 26th September 1908


Issue - 9th September 1933


Issue 2050 - 15th November 1938