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Bilder aus dem Kindergarten by Ernst Barth, 1873
'Bilder aus dem Kindergarten fur Mutter und Erzhieherrinen' by Ernst Barth was published in Leipzig in 1873. There are three passages dealing with paperfolding which contains photographic folding instructions. The first of these is simply some basic mathematical shapes, the second anf third show how to fold some basic forms of life.

A full copy of the work can be accessed here.



The Foreword criticises the current theoy and practice of the kindergarten. The opening part reads, roughly, 'Just as the school is far too removed from the family ... the same is unfortunately true of the kindergarten.' 'children ... required to perform achievements that extend far beyond their age'. In particular he is talking about Kohler's educational theory and Goldammer's practice (see footnotes).



The second section gives instructions for folding the:

The Saltcellar

No illustration


and then turning it into the

Tisch and Tischtuch - The Tablecloth

in a way I do not fully understand.


The third section shows how to transform the Tablecloth into:

The Windmill


Kahn - The Double Boat


Not named - The Boat with Sail


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