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The Weaver's Shuttle: A World out of Nothing by Marie Ebert, 1914
'The Weaver's Shuttle: A World out of Nothing' by Marie Ebert was published, probably self-published, in Newark, NJ in 1914.

A full copy of the work can be accessed here.

The same author also subsequently issued two other leaflets about the Weaver's Shuttle in 1917:

'Educational Toys and Surprises from the Weaver's Shuttle' - accessible here.

'The Building Unit' - accessible here. This leaflet offers a much clearer idea of how the system works than the original 1914 publication.

Although the Weaver's Shuttle / The Building Unit is in fact the Patisserie Box these booklets state that the design system is 'Patent 1914 by Marie Ebert'. The patent referred to is US1100061A of June 16, 1914 - see below.

The Weaver's Shuttle is combined with others and with pieces of cardboard to create designs such as beds, staircases etc,


Selected Pages from 'The Building Unit'


Drawings from the Patent