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Atari Origami Geijuitsu by Akira Yoshizawa, 1954
'Atari Origami Geijuitsu' by Akira Yoshizawa was published by .... in .... in 1954. I have not seen a copy of this work.

The work is described in David Lister's article 'The 1955 Exhibition By Akira Yoshizawa', written on 5th March 2005: 'Yoshizawa’s first book, Atarashii Origami Geijutsu (“New Origami Art”) was printed in 1953, but issued in 1954, before the exhibition took place in Amsterdam. One of the introductions was written by Tadasu Iizawa, the Chief Editor of Asahi Graf. The publishers later prepared some copies for Westerners and an additional introduction in English was stapled into the book. In it Yoshizawa wrote that he had avoided the use of scissors because he did not want his origami works to transgress beyond the field of “paper folding”. He wrote: “The art of Origami should be differentiated from pure paper cutting. I did not color the patterns nor draw lines on them. That is, I did not add eyes and noses on the face part of my patterns. All of such additional touches deprive the Origami art of its symbolic beauty.” The book was one of quite simple folding, but all the models were of Yoshizawa’s creation. The book also used Yoshizawa’s system of diagrams, using dotted lines and arrows.'