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Article on the work of Akira Yoshizawa in Asahi Shimbun, 15th December 1952
This brief article was published in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun on 15th December 1952. Source: 'Unwrapping the Riddle of Yoshizawa-Legman' by Laura Rosenberg, which was published in 'The Fold' issue 68 for January-February 2022, which states, inter alia 'It was this article, not the frequently cited piece in Asahi Graph, that motivated Gershon Legman, then living in New York City, to write to Yoshizawa for the first time.'


The lower half of the text is the article, which is headed 'Mushimegane' (Magnifying Glass). It explains, inter alia, that the photo is of a large snake and a small snake created by an origami teacher named Akira Yoshizawa. The large snake is 6 foot long and is a combination of 20 newspapers, made without using any glue