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Articles in Hokubei Shimpo in May and June 1958
The Hokubei Shimpo was a Japanese language magazine published in New York.

I have not seen a copy of the three articles that were published in May and June 1958. However, the first issue of the Origamian, published in October 1958, contained a description of the content of these articles and explained their importance.

The relevent part of this text reads, 'On May 5th 1958, Mr. Kanazawa, editor of the Hokubei Shimpo, published the first of three articles on Origami, giving the historical background of this ancient art. The second issue described Origami as a hobby of 30 years duration enjoyed by Mrs. Oppenheimer. The third publication reported the remarkable success enjoyed by Frieda Lourie with Origami in the Occupational Therapy Department of one of our leading hospitals. Mr Kanazawa's scholarly presentation attracted the attention of the Pullitzer prize-winning New York Times reporter, Meyer Berger, who subsequently wrote a charming piece about Origami in his column in the New York Times 'About New York' on June 27th 1958.'