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Article in La Joie de la Maison, 8th August 1895
An article titled 'Le Service de Table' was published in the journal 'La Joie de la Maison' of 8th August 1895. The opening paragraphs make mention of serviette folding.

Roughly translated, the beginning of this section says: 'I have just been asked a few questions about folding serviettes for a ceremonial dinner. Many of our subscribers remain perplexed by this point. Question: Do we still fold the towels in a complicated way, yes or no?

Well, no; we no longer torture the laundry into complex shapes, the first disadvantage of which was to tarnish them. And then, it smelled too much like a second and even third order restaurant. Fashion has definitely abandoned fans, boats, hats, fleurs de lys etc., etc., etc., to be satisfied with the simple folding of the ironing, highlighting the figure in which one brings, on the other hand, all the luxury of embroidery possible.'