Origami Heaven

Origami Heaven is the website of paperfolding designer, author and illustrator David Mitchell


Gallery of Macromodular Sculpture
Macromodular sculptures are second generation modular designs built by combining complete first generation modular assemblies into larger structures either with, or without, the use of joining or separating pieces.

My macromodular sculptures are intended to be partnership art, a concept that expresses the partnership that often exists in origami/paperfolding between the designer, who first conceptualises and defines the design, and the folder, who realises one expression of it at one particular point in time, so that both contribute in equal partnership to the finished work.

Many of these designs are explained in my book Building with Butterflies.

Further details of the designs pictured below can be found here.

Alpha Pyramids   Columbus Tower   Columbus Pyramid
Tower of Tetracubes   Leaning Tower   Crooked Tower
Tower of Octahdera   Octahedral Pyramid   Helterskelter
Icarus Tower   Treesnake   Mothership
Temple of the Winds   Ring of 5 Elites