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Silverflexagons and the Flexatube - ISBN 9780953477487
  Flexagons are fascinating manipulative toys made from folded strips of paper which, when flexed, change shape and pattern in remarkable ways. The way flexagons change shape and pattern depends on the shape of the segments the strip is divided into. Hexaflexagon strips are divided into equilateral triangles and tetraflexagon strips into rectangles.

Silverflexagons are flexagons where the strip of paper is divided into segments in the shape of right angle isosceles triangles. This simple change gives silverflexagons quite extraordinary properties and greatly increases the variety of shapes and patterns thry will flex into. This book explains many of the most interesting silverflexagons, maps them completely, and gives hints for exploring further.

The Flexatube is probably the greatest paper puzzle ever invented. It is not technically a silverflexagon but it is very like one and equally interesting to play with. This book gives seven and a half distinct solutions and shows how to vary the puzzle to make it more challenging to solve by combining Flexatubes into stacks, chains and mats.

Silverflexagons can be purchased from the Water Trade shop or from any good online retailer.