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A precautionary tale
Robin, the Bobbin, the Billy Goat Bear

was a well brought up child and knew very well

that a child may be seen but should never be smelled.

In pursuit of perfection, he never vented

his wind through his bottom as God had intended.

But though his manners were thus quite impeccable

he forgot that good manners may make man a spectacle.

By denying his nature, and retaining his gas,

he found natural law unforgiving, alas.

One Summer’s day, when the heat was quite gentle,

and the world seemed otherwise quite uneventful,

Robin, the Bobbin, the Billy Goat Bear

became so full of wind he flew up in the air.

He rose past the moon to the orbit of Mars

where he waited, suspended, admiring the stars.

He burped, once, then twice, and began his descent

following the route he had previously went.

He landed , quite gently, just where he had started,

stretched, smiled, giggled and finally farted.

Now the moral of this is not what you think

for his upward adventure did not raise a stink.

No-one had noticed his sudden departure,

nor understood the true source of his laughter.

His parents, in short, had remained quite oblivious,

but fate does not always favour such idiots.

So if you teach children to hold in their wind

be certain to tether them down with some string.