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The 1885 engraving of the Flapping Bird

  These Topic and Individual Design Pages contain information about topics or individual designs taken from verifiable sources. The information should be accurate but, in some cases, it may not be all the information available.

The Topic Pages also act as indexes to help you find information about an individual design you may be interested in.

The first two sections provide links to pages about Some Well-Known Designs and Paperfolding and Some Well-Known People. Looking through a few of these may, I hope, encourage you to dig in a little deeper.

Topic and Individual Design Pages are arranged under the following sub-headings, from top to bottom:

Top Level Topic Pages

Second Level Topic Pages

Designs from Standard Bases / Basic Folds / Paper Shapes

Paperfolding Ideas / Practices

Early Japanese Paperfolding

Chinese Paperfolding

Froebelian Paperfolding

Angles, Polygons, Polyhedra and other Mathematical Paperfolds

Flexagons and Some Other Related Flexible Objects

Inanimate Objects

Living Things

Individual Designs of Unknown Origin

Selected Designs by Known Designers

Some Well-Known Designs
Pages about many more individual designs can be found further down this page.
Paperfolding and Some Well-Known People
Topic Pages
Top Level Topic Pages
  Paper Books and Folding Pages     Multiple Sheet Designs     Designs Folded from Strips
  Cut Designs (incomplete)     Pleated Designs     Uncut Designs
  Crumpled Designs     Designs developed from Rolls / Scrolls and Coils      
Second Level Topic Pages
  Active Play Designs     Inflatable Designs     Paper Packets and Packaging (incomplete)
  Paperfolding in Advertising     Kusudama     How to Cook Food / Boil Water / Melt Tin etc in Paper Pans
  Constructing Angles by Folding Paper     How to Melt Lead in Paper / The Paper Furnace / Salamander Paper     Designs from Playing Cards
  Cardboard Modelling / Cartonnage     Letterfolds and Envelopes     Constructing Polygons by Folding Paper
  Concentric Crease Designs / The Hyperbolic Paraboloid / The Saddle     Macromodular Paperfolding     Constructing Polyhedra by Folding Paper
  Fold, Cut and Fold Animals (incomplete)     Paperfolding Stunts, Entertainments and Magical Effects     Everyday Practical and Decorative Paperfolding
  Fold and Cut Chevron Designs     Paperfolding Mathematics     Paperfolding as Political Propaganda
  Fold and Cut Friezes (incomplete)     Modular Paperfolding     Paperfolding Puzzles
  Flexagons     Money Folding / Dollar Bill Folding     Mathematical Paperfolding Puzzles
  Formal and Ceremonial Paperfolding     Tablecloth, Napkin, Serviette and Handkerchief Folding     Quilling / Paper Filigree
  Single-Sheet Geometric Ornaments and Decorations (incomplete)     Noise Making Designs     Air / Breath Driven Rotating Designs
  Paperfolding Games     Paperfolding in Occupational Therapy     See-Through Designs
        Fold and One Cut Designs     Paperfolding Science
              Water Absorbing Designs
Designs from Standard Bases / Basic Folds / Paper Shapes
  Designs from the Double Blintz Basic Form     Designs from the Preliminary Fold     Designs from the Bird Base
  Designs from the Double Bookfold Basic Form     Designs from the Fish Base     Designs from the Pig Base
  Designs from the Triple Blintz Basic Form     Designs from the Windmill Base     Designs from the House
  Designs from the Waterbomb Base     Designs from the Blintzed Windmill Base      
Paperfolding Ideas / Practices
  Pure Origami     Squarism     Metallic Foil as a Folding Material
  Bases     The Concept of Elegance      
Early Japanese Paperfolding
  Japanese Folded Letters     Fold and Cut Mon / Japanese Crests     Early Japanese Representative Designs
  Japanese Slit and Fold Human Figures     Japanese Folding Picture Forms     Shide / Japanese Sacred Cut and Fold Paper Streamers
  Japanese Knotted Letters     Early Japanese Practical Designs     Japanese Formal Wrappers / Tsutsumi / Noshi
Chinese Paperfolding
  Chinese Paperfolding     Golden Venture / 3D Origami      
Froebelian Paperfolding
Angles, Polygons, Polyhedra and other Mathematical Paperfolds
This section is largely incomplete at present. Because of this, information about the first appearance of some mathematical paperfolds has not yet been added to the Chronology.
Flexagons and Some Other Related Flexible Objects
  Flexagons (overview)     Silverflexagons     Cherchez la Femme / The Trick Book
  Hexaflexagons     Bronzeflexagons     The Flexatube
  Tetraflexagons     Black Holes      
Inanimate Objects
  Alphabets, Letters and Numbers     Paper Fire Lighters     Multiple-Image Pleated Paper Pictures / Falzbilder / Tabulae Striatae
  Paper Balls     Fold and Slit Paper Frills / Ruffles / Manchettes / Candle Decorations / Trees     Cut and Fold Polygonal Packets
  Paper Bangers     Paper Garlands, Chains and Bands     Purses / Bags / Wallets / Card Holders (incomplete)
  Baskets     Paper Hair Wrappings     Fold and Cut Shelf Edgings and Flowerpot Decorations
  Beads     Hats and Caps      
  Boats and Ships     Jewellery / Rings     Space Vehicles
  Bookmarks     Flyable Kites     Paper Spills /Alumettes / Paper Matches
  Boxes, Bowls and Other Containers     Kites (Non-Flying)     Spools / Yarn Holders
  2D Buildings and Structures     Pleated Paper Lampshades     Symmetrical Inkblots / Klecksography / The Rorschach Test
  3D Buildings and Structures     Landscapes     Tents
  Card Castles / Houses of Cards / Chateaux de Cartes / Playing Card Skittles     Lanterns     Fold and Slit Paper Tinsel / Tassles (incomplete)
  Card Castles and Cocottes            
  Paper Cartridges     Lover's Knots     Tools and Household Equipment
  Clothing and Personal Accessories     Metamorphoses / Harlequinades     Transport and Vehicles
  Corporals     Musical Instruments (non-playing)      
  Fold and Cut Stove and Chair Covers     One Way Trays     Umbrellas and Parasols
  Paper Cups            
  Paper Darts and Flights     Paperclips     Valentines, Proposals and Love Tokens
  Desk Furniture     Folded Patenbriefs / Sponsorship Letters     The Folding of Visiting / Calling Cards
  Pleated Paper Fans     Paper Pipes     Write and Fold Games / Draw and Fold Games / Le Cadavre Exquis
  Fold-Outs (incomplete)     Paper Pistols     Wall Mounted Designs (incomplete)
  Furniture     Paper Planes     Paper Wicks
  Filters           Windmills
Living Things
  Bats     Elephants     Mythical and Invented Creatures
  Bears     Fish     Octopii
  Birds     Plants, Flowers and Seeds (incomplete)     Peacocks
  Bulls and Cows     Foxes     Penguins
        Fukusuke     Pigs and Boars
  Butterflies     Frogs, Toads and Tadpoles     Prehistoric Creatures
  Camels     Giraffes     Rabbits and Hares
  Cats     Hina Dolls / Emperor and Empress Figures     Rhinocerii
              Father Christmas / Santa Claus
  Cicadas     Horses     Miscellaneous Sealife
  Crabs and Lobsters     Human Faces     Seals / Sealions
  Crane and Tortoise Designs     Human Figures (incomplete)     Snails
  Deer     Insects     Spiders
  Dogs     Kangaroos     Turtles / Tortoises
  Dragonflies     Lizards     Whales
        Mice and Rats     Wolves
  Ducks, Swans and Geese     Monkeys and Apes     Zebras
Individual Design Pages
Individual Designs of Unknown Origin

Closely connected designs may share the same page.

Some designs, mostly those which only occur once in the literature (or in multiple books by the same author) are not recorded separately in this section. You can, however, locate them through the Index Pages sections above.

  Abd-El-Krim     Dropping a Strip of Paper to Land on One Edge     Le Petit Papier / El Papelito
  The Afghan Bands / Les Anneaux Mysterieuse     The Spanish Elephant     The Pig
  The Air Force Cap     The Fifth Pig and similar propaganda fold-ins     The Pipe Cap / Bishop's Mitre / Bishop's Crown / Traditional Ingot
  The Albatross     The Flapping Bird     The Plaited Belt
  The Basic Box     The Flapping Butterfly     The Fold and Cut Paper Garland / How to Climb Through a Playing Card
  The Basket with Handle     The Flapping Dove     The Playing Card Cube
  The Hand Basket     The Flat Bottomed Boat     The Playing Card Monk / Capuchin de Carte
  The Bed     The Flexatube     Le Porte-Allumettes / La Violetera
  The Bellows     The Folding Box     The Postman
  The Bench and the Bench wth Arms     The Fox Face     The Postman's Hat
  The Blintz Box or Masu     The Fox Mask     The Propellor / Helice
  The Blotting Paper Holder / Le Sous-Main Buvard     The Frame and the Picture Frame     The Puff Ball
  The Blowpipe and Darts     The Froebel Star / Moravian Star / German Star / Swedish Star / Paper Rosette     The Three-Piece Purse
  The Blunt Ended Boat / Canoe     The Blow-Up Frog     The Puzzle Purse / Pinwheel / Thread Container
  The Paper Boat / Paper Boat with Three Sails / Paper Boat Hat / The Captain's Shirt     The Jumping Frog     The Pyramidal Hat
  The Boat with Fishbox     The Walking Giraffe / Le Girafe Marchant     The Japanese Rabbit
  The Boat with Sail / Trick Boat / Cradle with Hood / Oil Lamp     The Blow-up Goldfish     The Rectangular Packet
  The Square Hat / Le Bonnet Carre     The Hexagonal Packet     The Japanese Robin (Cut)
  How to Cover a Book     The Hexagonal Sachet     Sake Bottle Covers and Decorations
  The Pair of Boots     The Hibachi     The Sailboat
  The Box with Handles / La Boite a Anses     Horses and Riders / Ross und Reiter     The Salt Cellar / The Pepperpot
  The Buddha Papers and the Fold and Switch Effect     The Hot Air Balloon     The Inside Out Boat (Fune) / The Sampan / The Rainy Day Sampan
  The Blow-up Bunny     The House     The Sanbo
  The Butterchurn     The Incense Box     The Sanbo on Legs and its derivative designs
  The Fold and Slit Cage, the Fold and Slit Fishing Net and the Fold and Slit Trellis     The Incense Packet     The Scent Bottle
  The Cake Basket     The Inkwell     The Sedan Chair / Kago / Palanquin
  The Cake Box     The Immovable Card     The Shanghai Star and Basket
  The Carrier Pigeon / Bird Flies Off Your Hand     The Improvised Brassiere     The Ship
  The Catherine of Cleves Box     The Jacket / The Trousers (Hakama) / The Suit of Clothes / The Doll / The Dog     The Ship's Wheel Magical Effect
  The Chair     The Japanese Box / La Boite Japonaise     The Hat / The Shirt
  The Chameleon Game / Jeu Cameleonien     The Japanese Purse     The Short Sleeved Shirt
  The Cheesecake of Cards     The Japanese Vase     The Shovel
  Cherchez la Femme / The Trick Book            
  The Cherries Puzzle / The Three Pieces Puzzle / The Card Puzzle / The Liberty Bell     The Jumping Bean     The Paper Snapper (Cut)
  The Chickenwire Letterfold     The Junk Box     The Paper Boat Snapper
  The Gondola / Chinese Junk / Takarabune     The Kabuto / Japanese Helmet / Samurai Helmet / Goldfish / Nagakabuto / The Party Hat     The Soldier's Cap / The Poke Bonnet
  The Chinese Wallet / Jacob's Ladder     The Keelboat     The Solid Box
  The Chrysanthemum Box     The Kettle and the Open Top Box     The Sofa / Organ / Piano / Chair
  The Kabuto Base Cicada / La Mosca     The Kikuzara / The Japanese Ornamental Bal     The Sonobe Module
  The Crossover Cicada     The Kimono     The Sou'wester / Gorro de Aguas
  The Cigar Case     The King's Crown / The Battleship     The Spanish Box
  The Claw     Le Kiosque Japonais     The Fat Sparrow
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1800 to 1849     Komoso / Yakko-san / Fukura Suzume     The Slit and Assemble Cube and Sphere
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1850 to 1874     The Fold and One Cut Ladder     The Square Letterfold
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1875 to 1899            
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1900 to 1924            
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Western Europe 1925 to 1970            
  The Cocotte / Pajarita in Japan            
  The Cocotte in a Boat / Pajarita in a Boat     The Fold and Cut Lantern     The Squid / Drachen / Pez Raya
  Big Coin Through Small Hole Magic Trick     The Long Lantern     The Stand / The Crib / The Seat
  The Coin Fold Magical Effect     The Large Box     The Star-Shaped Box
  The Collar     The Fold and One Cut Latin Cross / Altar / Ticket to Heaven     The Steamship / The Well / The Battleship
  The Paper Cone / Grocer's Cone     The Lily / Iris     The Lazy Susan
  The Corner Cabinet / The Shelf (L'Etagere)     The Lotus / Waterlily     The Swallow (paper plane)
  The Court-Plaster Case     Lock 'em Up Puzzle     The Cut Swallow (bird)
  The Cradle     The Love Knot Letterfold     The Table and the Tablecloth
  The Paper Crane / Orizuru / Sadako Sasaki     The Lover's Knot     The Tachibana / Persimmon
  The Simple Crane     The Magazine Cover Box     The Talking Fish
  The Nesting Crane     The Magic Hat / Bonnet de Magicien / Bonnete de Magico     The Teapot Stand
  The Plump Crane     Fold and One Cut Maltese Cross / Iron Cross     The Cubical Box / Tematebako / The Japanese Hexagon Puzzle Box
  The Crane Envelope     The Mirror and the Looking Glass     The Tenjin Shrine
  Le Cri du Veau / Trumpet / Flute     The Mitre / The Pencil Case     Tetrahedron from a Tube or Envelope
  The Cross / The Double Cross     The Tuck-in Mitre      
        The Mobius Band     The Three Scrolls
  The Cross Star     The Cut and Fold Model Aeroplane     The Three-Cornered Note / Cocked-Hat Note / Triangular Letter Fold
  The Simple Crow     Le Moineau (The Sparrow)     The Travel Bag
  The Crow with Legs     The Monster Fish     Troublewit
  The Paper Cup     The Morning Glory / Carnation     The Trough
  The Cup and Saucer / The Japanese House     The Muff / The Lantern     The Turban
  The Curate's Hat     The Mushikago     Turning a Bank Note Upside Down
        The Mystery Box     The Urn
  The Paper Dart / The Arrow     The Newspaper Hat     The Vase / The Cravat
  The Paper Doily     The Newspaper Ladder     Verdi's Vase
  The Chain of Dolls     The Newspaper Sword     La Voiture de Cartes
  The Donkey with Panniers / Pack Mule with Panniers     The Newspaper Tree     The Wagon / El Carro
  The Donkey Eared Dunces Hat     The Nightingale     The Wall Pocket
        The Novelty Purse      
  Don Simon     The Nurse's Cap / Russian Cap / Billfold     The Waterbomb
  The Double Boat (Nisobune) and the Double Hulled Boat     The Pagoda     The Wild Man From Borneo / Le Diablotin / El Gatito / Cat's Head
  Another Double Boat     The Game of Paper, Scissors, Stone     The Windmilll and the Bicolour Windmill
  The Double Boat with Sail     Ocho and Mecho Butterflies     The Cut and Fold Windmill
  The Double Boat with Two Sails     The Fold and Cut Paper Parachute     The Wind Wheel
        The Patisserie Box     The Winnowing Box / Dustpan
  The Double Fishbox / The Portfolio     16th Century Dutch Patriotic Pamphlets     The Witch's Ladder / Devil's Staircase / Hexentrappe / Harmonika
  The Dove     La Pelle     The Workman's Hat ( aka the Carpenter's, Printer's or Pressman's Hat)
  The Drinking Bird     La Peniche / Le Bateau Ponte     The Woven Basket
  The Duck     The Pentagonal Knot and the See-Through Pentagram     The Woven Cross
        The Fold and One Cut Pentagram / Five-pointed Star / Betsy Ross Star     The Woven Heart and Woven Heart Basket
        Persimmon     The Yacht
Selected Designs by Known Designers
  Yoshizawa's Butterfly