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Tokyo Women's Normal School publication of 1878
In 1878 the Tokyo Women's Normal School issued a publication which contained several pages of pictures of paperfolds.

The picture below (provided by Masatsugu Tsutsumi) shows a page from this document (which is held in Ochanomizu University Library in Japan).

Designs which can be identified from this image are:

103 The Jacket

106 The Double Boat

107 The Kabuto or Samurai Helmet

108 The Menko

109 Boat with Sail

110 Unidentified

111The Shirt

112 The Well or Steamship

113 The Kikuzara

114 Unidentified

The Cross and the Cup and Saucer also appear in this document. (Information from Masatsugu Tsutsumi).

I have not been able to access a more complete version of this document.