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The Paperfolding of Adolpho Cerceda


Ismael Adolpho Cerceda was born in Buenos Aires on 13th of April, 1923 and died on 25th July, 1979. He was a professional knife-thrower and magician who worked under a number of different names including Don Alvan and Carlos Corda.

He was married twice, first to Martha Rossi, in around 1956, who was his partner in his knife-throwing act, then to France Larrosa, in 1968, who also became his professional stage partner.



Biographical information from 'The Best of Origami' by Samuel Randlett, 1964:


There is a chapter about his life in 'Fascinante Papiroflexia' by Vicente Palacios, which was published by Miguel A Salvatella in Barcelona in 1984. An English translation is available here.