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Froetry is a neologism of my own invention made by combining the words fridge and poetry. It is defined as the art of attempting to write the kind of poems that tend to arise if you make up fairly random sentences from those magnetic word sets that people buy for other people's fridges, though seldom for their own.

A froem should seem to almost make sense, without in fact quite doing so. In addition, just as haiku must always contain a reference to the season, froetry must always contain the name of at least one living creature.

Here are a few of my own froems. I'm sure you will be able to easily make up your own.

You seldom see a cacophony of squirrels.

There is no charge for the mayhem of monkeys.

Elephants, a restless silhouette betrays the incoherence of the herd.

Similarly, parrots fly close to my heart at all times.

Only ostriches accelerate uncertainly.

Giraffes can swallow longer sausages.

Grumpy camels seldom purchase sufficient throat sweets.

Imagine the simplicity of dolphins!