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Building with Butterflies (2nd Edition) ISBN 978-0-9534774-7-0
  This second edition of Building with Butterflies is divided into three creative explorations.

A Homage to Paul Jackson's Cube explores many fascinating variations on this classic cube, particularly looking at the way in which variants of the basic module can be combined (and often then taken apart and recombined) to produce interesting and attractive patterns on the surface of the cubes and at how the modules can be altered so that the surface of the cube becomes distorted. The exploration ends by looking at ways to combine some of these distorted cubes into attractive sculptures.

The Building with Butterflies exploration uses simple, and sometimes quite delicate, modules to build modular structures which can then be combined to create macro-modular sculptures.

The Combination Sculptures section combines elements from both these explorations into further stunning macro-modular designs.

The Tokyo Towers challenge has been included as a bonus fold.

This second edition has been extensively revised, redrawn and reformatted. As a result the page count has increased from 40 to 136. Elite and the Elite Hypercube have been omitted from this second edition because they rightly belong to another exploration.

The diagrams for Slide incorrectly show to use Tricorne macromodules rather than Mark Two macromodules / Corrected diagrams are now available on the Macromodular Designs page of this site.

Titles in bold below indicate that a design can be rearranged into one or more differently patterned or shaped forms.

Building with Butterflies can be purchased at a discount price from https://www.tarquingroup.com/books.html or from any good online book retailer.

A Homage to Paul Jackson's Cube
Paul Jackson's Cube Iso Cubes Chequerboard Cube Yin Yang Cubes Single Diagonal Stripe Cubes
Double Diagonal Stripe Cubes The Columbus Cube The Tetracube Paul Jackson's Cuboctahedron Metamorphosis
Metamorphosis 2 The Icarus Cube The Icarus Tower Columbus Tower Columbus Pyramid
Ring of Cubes Ball of Cubes      
Building with Butterflies
Alpha Prism Twin Prisms Alpha Cuboctahedron Beta Prism The Diamond Prism
The Gamma Antiprism Robert Neale's Octahedron Rosebud Octahedron Hybrid Prism Epsilon Star
Zeta Hexahedron Alpha Pyramids Damocles Treesnake Helterskelter
The Octahedral Tower The Octahedral Pyramid      
Combination Sculptures
The Crooked Tower Tricorne The Leaning Tower Slide  
Bonus Fold
Tokyo Towers