Origami Heaven

A paperfolding paradise

The website of writer and paperfolding designer David Mitchell


Water Trade Shop

All prices are inclusive of postage and packing

For delivery to addresses in UK by second class mail
Paper Crystals   10  

Paperfolding Puzzles   10  

Building with Butterflies   10  

Origami Alfresco   10  

Silverflexagons and the Flexatube   10  

For delivery to addresses in Europe by Airmail
Paper Crystals   12  

Paperfolding Puzzles   12  

Building with Butterflies   12  

Origami Alfresco   12  

Silverflexagons and the Flexatube   12  

For delivery to addresses in USA and the rest of the world by Airmail
Paper Crystals   14  

Paperfolding Puzzles   14  

Building with Butterflies   14  

Origami Alfresco   14  

Silverflexagons and the Flexatube   14