Rueda, or rueda de casino, is a progressive form of salsa danced in a circle. The moves are called (usually in Spanish or Spanglish) by a cantante (or caller) and each pair of dancers perform the same moves at the same time. Dancers change partners as the dance progresses. Learning rueda is an excellent way to learn new, leadable moves, sharpen up your timing and progress as a salsa dancer.

There is no standard way to dance rueda. Every group dances it differently. We like our rueda to flow fluently from move to move and our dancers to change partners regularly so we call most of our moves in dile que (cross body) rather than in guapea.

Guapea is the default step that you go back to if no other call is made.

All our calls (apart from Celia) are also signed.

The calls we currently use are:

Level 1 moves:

Dame (new partner)

Dame Dos (new partner but miss out the first and go to the second)

Dame Tres (new partner but miss out the first two and go to the third)

Fly (turn away and clap on the one as if catching a 'fly ball' at baseball)

Una Bulla (a shout on the five)

Suena (a gentle stamp on the five)

Celia (to which the response is Azuca - a tribute to Celia Cruz)

Level 2 moves:


Enchufla Doble

Enchufla con vuelta

Enchufla con Evelyn


Festival Dame

Adios / Adios con la hermana / Adios con la toda familia



El Uno / El Dos / El Doce

Arriba / Exhibela (followed by Dile Que No to return to guapea)