Rueda moves, levels and videos
Rueda, or rueda de casino, is a progressive form of salsa danced in a circle in which the dancers change partners regularly. The moves are called, and signed, by a cantante (or caller) and all the dancers perform the same moves at the same time. Learning rueda is an excellent way to learn new, leadable moves, sharpen up your timing and progress as a salsa dancer.

This page will eventually allow you to watch videos of the moves we use in our rueda.

In our version of rueda all moves which end in a dile que no (cross body) are automatically followed by a change of partners.

Level 1:

Guapea / Dame / Dame Dos / Dame Tres / Fly / Una Bulla / Suena / Cecilia

Level 2:

Festival Dame / Adios / Enchufla / Enchufla Doble / Enchufla con vuelta / Enchufla con Evelyn

Level 3:

Sombrero / El Uno / El Dos / Kentucky / Adios con la hermana / Montana

Level 4:

Para el medio / Agua del pozo / Arriba / Exhibela / Adios con la toda familia / El Doce